DataXile’s Area of Expertise

Guided by its leading edge secure data destruction services, DataXile provides unsurpassed IT asset management services designed to help firms improve their data security while simultaneously saving these firms time and money. DataXile’s clients can rest assured that these asset management services have been carefully designed to eliminate any risks associated with improper disposal of data storing assets and e-waste. In addition, DataXile also offers data recovery for failed storage media and product destruction for goods that should no longer be on the market.

Secure data destruction

Data Destruction

Since its inception in 2005, DataXile has built its foundation on secure data destruction practices. The company understands the risks associated with disposing electronic information and eliminates them. Whether it’s hard drives, backup tapes, optical media, cell phones or another form of storage media DataXile’s information destruction services provide peace of mind. The service is efficient and if desired can be witnessed and instantly verified. No aspect of the data destruction process is outsourced ensuring a tight chain of custody from the cradle to the grave. To learn more click here: 

E-Waste Recycling & Disposal

E-Waste Recycling

Properly disposing e-waste is complicated. Old computers are usually bulky and heavy. Environmental and data security concerns rule out traditional waste disposal. Data security issues make charitable donations extremely risky. DataXile prides itself on providing a comprehensive solution to the various challenges associated with e-waste disposal and recycling. Whether you require an entire data center to be dismantled and decommissioned or a single laptop to be recycled, DataXile can meet your needs. Our facilities and logistics team, is equipped to pick-up or receive, and process deliveries ranging in size from a single device to entire truckloads. To learn more click here: 

Data Recovery Toronto

Data Recovery

Data storage devices can be delicate. In spite of the rapid advancement of storage media, failures are still a common occurrence. Fortunately media failure is not a death sentence for inaccessible data. Whether it’s a virus, system malfunction, mechanical failure, electrical failure or simply human error the chances of recovery are very high. DataXile has the expertise required to recover data on failed devices. To learn more click here:  

Product Destruction Toronto

Product Destruction

Damaged or recalled goods represent a risk to the public and the firm that manufactured them. Failure to properly to destroy such goods puts them at risk of being redistributed or sold on the underground market. DataXile provides a safe secure alternative to protect your brand and other stakeholders by providing secure destruction of goods. These services ensure that these products cannot enter the market and put any stakeholders or the general public at risk. To learn more click here: