digital data destruction

Data Destruction

DataXile will ensure your private data is handled confidentially and securely destroyed. The entire process is transparent and handled exclusively by DataXile staff. The process is certified with an audit trail. When desired, physical destruction can be witnessed and instantly verified.

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E-Waste Recycling

DataXile also provides asset management and environmentally compliant disposal of e-waste. Our process is certified with an audit trail so you know exactly how your e-waste has been processed and disposed of.

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Data Recovery

Just because a data storing asset isn’t working properly does not mean the data is gone forever. Contact DataXile to recover data on failed storage devices.

Legal Considerations

DataXile is a fully insured information destruction firm. DataXile shreds hard drives, backup tapes and other data storage media.

DataXile fully understands that information destruction is serious business. Each time a client entrusts us with securely destroying their data we realize that we need to be perfect. In the ten years we have been in business we have not had a single breach or data security incident. However, DataXile also realizes that a certificate of destruction has to be backed up by something more substantial than just words, proper equipment and a flawless history. That is why we have purchased all the appropriate insurance policies including errors and omissions. By choosing DataXile to destroy your data you can rest assured that all the proper requirements are in place to protect all stakeholders.



Why Choose Us

    •First and foremost, we are an information security company. While we engage in recycling we are extremely aware that recycling is no substitute for secure data destruction.
    •We do not batch shred hard drives or backup tapes. Our audit trail details each and every asset we take into our possession and destroy.
    •We provide both onsite and offsite services to ensure your private data remains private as conveniently as possible.
    •Unlike many of our competitors, we do not outsource any part of the data destruction process. This cradle to grave solution ensures a tight chain of custody. We don’t believe in shortcuts and neither should you.