DataXile will decomission server rooms and recycle old computers and serversThe rapid rate of change inDataXile provides environmentally friendly e-waste recycling and disposal. information technology often forces organizations into dilemmas. Either keep up with new technology or run the risk of losing ground to your competition. In the effort to remain competitive firms often accumulate large sums of e-waste. Disposing electronic waste presents numerous challenges for businesses. In addition to data security requirements, proper disposal must also factor in environmental concerns. Due to its composition disposing e-waste in the traditional waste system is an environmental hazard. Deteriorating e-waste can leak toxins and carcinogens into the environment. Despite good intentions, charitable donations represent major data security concerns as these organizations typically lack the required resources to focus on secure data destruction practices. Charities that do engage in data destruction often carry out their destruction services with volunteers in a haphazard manner that emphasizes speed rather than proper procedure and data security. DataXile utilizes properly trained professionals to securely destroy any sensitive information that is left behind on old information technology.

DataXile provides a comprehensive solution to the various challenges associated with e-waste recycling and disposal. Whether you require an entire data center to be dismantled and decommissioned or a single laptop to be recycled, DataXile can meet your needs. Our facilities and logistics team, is equipped to pick-up or receive, and process deliveries ranging in size from a single device to entire truckloads.

DataXile’s recycling service includes the following: