DataXile Corporation is an information security company specializing in secure electronic data destruction. Since its inception in 2005, DataXile has established itself as the leader in electronic data disposal for the greater Toronto area and southern Ontario. The company understands the risks associated with disposing electronic information and eliminates them. In addition to secure electronic data destruction, DataXile also provides IT asset management, environmentally compliant e-waste recycling and disposal. More recently, DataXile has added data recovery to its service offerings.

Over the years DataXile has carried out countless projects for its clients. The company immediately realized that just as each of their clients is unique so too are their requirements. DataXile gladly customizes its services to meet their clients specific needs.

What makes DataXile different?

Our mission is to eliminate all risks associated with e-waste for our clients by being the premier electronic data destruction and e-waste recycling firm in Ontario.

DataXile fully understands that information destruction is serious business. Each time a client entrusts us with securely destroying their data we realize that we need to be perfect. However, we also realize that the client should have the final say as to how their data is destroyed. We have the means to fulfill any request and we will do everything we possibly can to satisfy even the most stringent of requirements as conveniently as possible.

At DataXile our number one priority is to eliminate all risks associated with data residing on e-waste. To achieve that goal we promise to be transparent in our processes and will only use appropriate equipment and methods to destroy data. We will not attempt to cut costs or compromise our integrity by outsourcing any portion of the data destruction process or failing to operate without proper insurance.

At DataXile we have the knowledge, experience and means to carry out any project pertaining to e-waste. Whether you need onsite or offsite data destruction or simply need to responsibly dispose of some old computers and network gear, we can get the job done properly and efficiently.